My Hoops: Grace, Honor & Liberty Letts

In October we spoke with Tessa and Georgie Wilson, the fifth in a collection of intimate profiles showcasing extraordinary individuals with their nearest & dearest – all in the name of hoops, from their first to their favourite.

We launch the sixth in this special series with Grace Letts, Mother, Pilates Instructor, “Mermaid and Princess” and her daughters; Honor, Student, drama queen and lover of cats; and Liberty – Real G Beauty Queen.

Q:   Can you remember your first pair of hoops?

Grace Not sure if they were my first, but certainly one of my first pairs were small, thick solid gold drops that my Aunt brought me from Caracas. I still have them and wear them on occasion, but one of my most loved and earliest pairs were square hoops!

Liberty Yes, I remember my first hoops were these tiny golden ones which I used to wear when I was much younger.

Q: To you, are there any rules when it comes to hoops?

G Not at all, any shape or size goes!

Honor Don’t wear them when you’re about to do a physical activity!

L For me, I say hoops change a whole outfit. You can’t wear hoops with lots of accessories because they’re a lot.

Q: Which are your favourite pair of Dinny Hall hoops?

G I am partial to the bamboo hoops – I have the largest size and the smallest.

H The thick rose gold Signature Small hoops.

L The thick gold Signature Medium hoops that I have!

Q: Has your attitude towards hoops changed since you wore your first pair to today?

G My attitude is exactly the same, I adore hoops.

H I wasn’t a massive fan of hoops when I was younger, but I’m a fan now.

Q: Jewellery is often something we wear to reflect our identity and embellish our unique personalities; what do you think your hoops say about you?

G It depends which ones I’m wearing, what I’m doing and how I’m feeling; different hoops for different moods.

L I think my hoops bring out more detail of my face, and gold hoops complements my eyes.

Q: Do you buy jewellery for fashion or for sentiment? If so, what drives this?

G Neither, if I see something that I love, I will love it forever, end of.

H Fashion 100%. I think jewellery really adds to an outfit. A nice small detail.

Q: Some people think the bigger the hoop the ‘saucier’ the wearer? What do you think?

G I believe big is beautiful!!

L I don’t agree with this. I think you can wear the biggest hoops but if you wear them right they can look elegant. 


MY HOOPS is a special editorial series launched to celebrate Hoops – our favourite form of adornment. Starting with brand friends and their closest relations we explore hoops in all their forms, from their first, to their favourite and the jewellery tales in between.

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