My Hoops: Jeni & Hollie Cook

Last month we spoke with Bethan & Claire Holt, the third in a collection of intimate profiles showcasing extraordinary individuals with their nearest & dearest – all in the name of hoops, from their first to their favourite.

We launch the fourth in this special series with Hollie Cook, British singer and Reggae artist, and her mother, Jeni Cook, health coach and raw food chef.

Jeni & Hollie_146 retouched

Q: Can you remember your first pair of hoops?

Hollie I can’t remember specifically my first pair, but I have a very clear memory of visiting a jewellery shop in Brooklyn for my first real gold pair, which I was ever so pleased with.

Jeni I was 18, everything was silver in those days, and hoops were statements. My first were just a little pair of silver hoops.

Q: What are the largest hoops you’ve worn?

H When I was a teenager you could literally perch a budgie on some of the huge hoops I wore.

J My hair gets caught in big hoops, so I don’t wear them – I prefer small ones. Unless it’s a special occasion, then I’ll wear big thick hoops, but not ever as big as Hollie’s!

Q: Queenies are our largest most elegant hoops – would you go any bigger?

H I couldn’t anymore I don’t think. I always used to wear my hair back when I was younger, but these days my hair is so big and I’m way more scared of ripping large hoops out than I used to be.

J No. I like the hoops to peep out, and don’t want them to compete with my hair! (We agree, Jeni’s hair is incredible!)

Jeni & Hollie_221retouched (2)Q: When you’re on tour, what do you look for in jewellery, what’s your capsule collection?

H On tour I like to wear big bold earrings that can be seen up on stage. Fruit shapes, heart shapes, bright colours. Again, always as light as possible, as I dance around a lot. Earrings have definitely been known to go flying during shows.


Q: Do you buy jewellery for fashion or for sentiment? If so, what drives this?

H For fashion, which is just as well as recently I lost my little jewellery bag with a lot of my favourites in there. You just have to breathe and let go when that happens. Material things after all. I am sentimental about jewellery that was given to me as gifts though, and generally tend not to travel with those.
Jeni & Hollie_193 retouched (1)

I’m not necessarily led by fashion; I buy when I really like something. I like to style and coordinate things, which is an important part of who I am. I don’t feel complete without jewellery – like leaving the house without wearing makeup. Hoops are a big part of that, they aren’t necessarily a statement, more a part of a look that defines me.

Q: Which are your favourite pair of Dinny Hall hoops?

H I love the Signature large hoops and the Spanish hoops.

J Twist click hoops.

Q: Some people think the bigger the hoop the ‘saucier’ the wearer? What do you think?

H I think that’s true. I always have felt pretty saucy in my biggest hoops over the years.
J A more vivacious person with a big personality perhaps. Hoops make a statement and shows confidence of self, rather than sauciness.

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MY HOOPS is a special editorial series launched to celebrate Hoops – our favourite form of adornment. Starting with brand friends and their closest relations, we explore hoops in all their forms; from their first, to their favourite and the jewellery tales in between.

Don’t forget to read our last My Hoops featuring the Telegraph’s fashion news & features director Bethan Holt with her endlessly elegant Mother, Claire.

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