My Hoops: Aimée & Michelle Kelly

To us the Hoop is a fashion necessity. For over 35 years we’ve experimented and pushed the boundaries of ‘Hoopology’ to lead the way for our favourite form of adornment because we believe, above all else, there’s a hoop for everyone. They may be petite and bijou, or huge, bold and gold.

We launch the second in this special series with actress Aimée Kelly and her mother, Michelle, business woman extraordinaire. Read on to see what they have to say about their Hoop earrings – past and present.

Featured image.jpg
Aimée Kelly wears Wave XL Hoop Earring in Gold Vermeil, Michelle wears our latest statement hoops – the Queenie 10 Karat solid gold hoop earrings

Q: Do you have a piece of jewellery you always wear, and what makes it special?

Aimée My mum bought my twin and I matching silver rings for our 18th birthday, my sister lost hers but I’ve had mine on ever since – except when I’m acting – then I have to take it off. It’s a really good fit.

Michelle Yes I always wear my gold necklace with a cross. I never take it off as my girls bought me this.

Quotes 6.jpg

Q: When did you get your ears pierced? Did you get permission or did you sneak off?

A   I remember my mum wouldn’t let me so I asked a family member on my 12th birthday. I sneaked out with them to Claire’s so she couldn’t get mad.

M  I got my ears pierced at 10 years old. My dad’s friend was a jeweller and pierced them for me.

Q: What’s your first memory of wearing Hoops?

My first memory of wearing hoops: I was 15 dressed in satin tight trousers and danced like Olivia Newton John and thought I was Olivia Newton John in Grease the movie. I wore my big gold hoops.

My first memory of hoops was me being excited to change from a stud to a hoop. Then, when I finally could, I had to take them out again because I was starting high school. By the time I was an adult I’d earned them!

Quotes 5.jpg


Q:  Which are your favourite pair of Dinny Hall Hoops?E53-SS-H1.jpg


A My Wave sterling silver hoops because they are my every day hoops I don’t even take them out to shower or sleep but I know I should!

M Signature Medium Hoop


Q:  If you could choose a pair of hoops for each other, which would you choose? 

A The new Signature Queenie 10 Karat hoops – because she wouldn’t take them off for the entire shoot – she was obsessed!

M I would choose the Signature Large Dinny Hoops for my daughter.

Signature Large Dinny Hoop styled with a single Shuga 14 karat white gold Mini Trillion Stud

Q:  You Reach for hoops when….

A & M   When I am going out!

Q: Finally – our favourite question – Some people think the bigger the hoop the ‘saucier’ the wearer? What do you think?

A No! I’ve been wearing them since I was 12. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a giant hoop everyday but I think a good mixture of small & big balances it out. Now that I think of it, I realise the only earrings I own/wear are all hoops, even my top piercings and nose ring when I had it!

M I think it depends what outfit you match them with!

DH Aimee Kelly_10378.jpg
Ever experimenting with hoops, Aimée Kelly wears Lotus Large Hoop earrings in gold vermeil

Actress Aimée Kelly will next be seen in The Personal History of David Copperfield –

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MY HOOPS is a special editorial series launched to celebrate Hoops – our favourite form of adornment. Starting with brand friends and their closest relations we explore hoops in all their forms, from their first, to their favourite and the jewellery tales in between.

Don’t forget to read last month’s My Hoops featuring Jewellery expert Beanie Major with her endlessly elegant Mother Jo and Grandmother Nonni.

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