My Hoops: Beanie, Jo & Nonni

This month we introduce My Hoops, a collection of intimate profiles showcasing extraordinary individuals with their nearest & dearest – all in the name of hoops, from their first, to their favourite.


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Jo wears Signature Swirl Hoops , Beanie wears Signature Large Dinny Hoops


To us, the Hoop is a fashion necessity. For over 35 years we’ve experimented and pushed the boundaries of ‘Hoopology’ to lead the way for our favourite form of adornment, because we believe, above all else, there’s a hoop for everyone. They may be petite and bijou, or huge, bold and gold – any occasion, any time, any age, any sex there’s a confidence-lifting, compliment-inspiring hoop designed for you.

We launch the first in this special series with trend leader and jewellery expert Beanie Major, Jo – her mother, who owns her own business in the world of fabrics and soft furnishings, and grandma Nonni, who loves to paint. We asked this glamorous trio a few questions…

Major - Quotes.jpg

Q: What is your first memory of wearing hoops?

Nonni I think I first acquired hoops about four years ago. I have them in silver and gold and I wear them a lot.

Jo I got my first pair of hoops when I was 15. They were beaten silver hoops with bits dangling off them from India.

Beanie  For as long as I have had my ears pierced, I have had hoops in every shape, size and material. Some tasteful and some not so tasteful – I remember owning some pink plastic hoops…

Jo And I remember you wearing hoops with feathers hanging off them.


Major - Quotes 2.jpg


Q:  You reach for hoops when? 

N I wear them to go out. When I put them on I feel very respectable, I think they are extremely flattering, hoops. 

B I don’t like to leave the house without earrings on. I have two or three go-to pairs of hoops by my bed that I can just chuck on before I leave the house. For me hoops are an everyday staple.

E421-GP sq.jpg


Q:  Which are your favourite pair of Dinny Hall hoops?

J I love the Swirl hoops that I wore on the shoot.

B The Large Bamboo hoops. I like the simplicity of them. I have had them for many years, and I get a lot of compliments on them.


Q:  Is there a piece of jewellery that you want to steal from your Mum? 

N I’d like to steal my daughter’s opal ring. It’s very beautiful the way it catches the light, but I would probably have it re-set.

J I’d like my mother’s engagement ring. The diamonds belonged to my great grandmother and the sapphires to my granny. It’s got so much family history.

N I think it is always good to get something re-set so you can wear it in a more modern way.

EmptyName 397.jpg

Q: If you could choose a pair of hoops for one another what would you choose? 

N I would choose the Swirl hoops for Jo. They are set at a different angle to your face which I think are very flattering on you.

J I think the bigger the better for Beanie…

B Yes whereas I think I would choose Granny something smaller and wider. She always has a neck scarf on, so the earrings look better sitting close to the neck.

Major - Quotes 3.jpg

Q: The bigger the hoop the saucier the wearer…

N I have never thought about it! I suppose a bigger hoop does say look at me. But it’s easier for younger generations to wear bigger hoops.

J I just think some people suit bigger hoops and some people suit smaller ones. It depends on your face shape and your hair length. 

B I love wearing a big hoop. If I scrape my hair back into a high ponytail, I suppose I do feel quite saucy!

Shop the hoops in this Feature

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