The Beak Street Hoops

In 1985 on Soho’s 43 Beak Street the evolving story of Dinny Hall Hoops originated.

Nestled in the eves at the top of a winding staircase, Dinny’s artist studio hid behind the iconic London blue plaque bearing Canaletto’s name. Here – experimenting with materials like resin, brass and leather mixed with openwork silver or crystals – the first Hoops were born. They were bold, very large and made for the catwalk.

Beak st.jpg
Beak Street, Soho, London – the Location of Dinny Hall’s workshop in the 80’s.

Later, a research trip to Thailand and Burma in the mountainous jungles of the golden triangle led Dinny to discover traditional Hill Tribe silver jewellery. Back in London and keenly inspired by this ethnic jewellery a new design direction was born.

Photo album.jpg

Hoops formed of sweeping coils or giant curved ear wires made such an impact that these early earring designs still influence the Hoops she designs to this day. Over the years comfort and style have become increasingly paramount to the design process – pared back and fashion-conscious, hoops became a mainstay of the grown-up woman’s wardrobe.

Dinny’s early hoop designs have evolved throughout the years into simpler suggestive forms to create contemporary earrings that are comfortable to wear, yet still luxurious in 22k gold vermeil.

Jump forward in time and in 2018 our Beak Street Hoops finally debut as part of our much-loved Toro & Signature collections which explore the motif of the tapering horn and tapering band to create satisyfing organic forms.  This season we truly celebrate Dinny Hall Hoops, in all their shapes and sizes.  Stay tuned for more new hoops in the run up to the festive season.

Sculpted silver earrings – a natural design development from then to now

‘In essence, we’ve gone full circle, back to those halcyon days where I drew abstracted coils in my 80’s Soho workshop, and where my love affair with sculpted silver began.’ Dinny Hall, 2018.


Shop the collection here.


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