Cocktail Rings: A Touch of Finger Glamour

What is a Cocktail Ring?

A large statement ring, usually exhibition one large central stone occasionally surrounded by diamonds. Cocktail rings are usually occasion wear pieces worn to impress at parties or formal gatherings.


The Dinny Hall Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Rings are a Dinny Hall favourite, a joy to design and a treat to wear. Over the years our cocktails rings have found many an inspiration from the curving lines of the Amalfi coastline to the pared-back silhouette of an upturned Alvar Aalto coffee table. Each year their design evolves, yet the iconic principles remain the same. Silver, vermeil or mixed silver with solid 10 karat gold is cast into a variety of classic settings designed to impress. In 2018 our cocktail Rings showcase a curated collection of large semi-precious gemstones in shades of blue, green, lilac and cinnamon.

Blue Topaz Cassiopea.jpg

How did the Cocktail Ring originate?

The term ‘Cocktail’ ring was born out 1920s prohibition America.

Due to the ban on alcohol, underground parties sprung up where drinks were ‘dressed up’ to transform contraband strong-tasting, low quality alcohol into delicious concoctions that masked the awful taste. Thus, the cocktail was born. For these events, women dressed up to look ultra-glamorous and jewellery, including big dress rings, took centre stage. It was a time of great change and excess, where clandestine gatherings allowed women the space to flirt with a reinvigorated sense of freedom and new-found independence.

All colour Cocktail rings banner.jpg

Large theatrical Cocktail Rings stood out dramatically in the dark, and drew attention to the very act of drinking – revelling in the rebellion and indulgence of an ever-growing cocktail scene.

How and when should a cocktail ring be worn?

The most common placement of a cocktail ring is the middle right finger, though it is usual to wear one on whichever finger is most comfortable, avoiding in most cases your left ring finger.

Amethyst Amika Ring.jpg

Cocktail rings are at their most appropriate at evening soirees during the consumption of, you guessed it – Cocktails. The answer’s in the name. However, there really is no wrong time to add a touch of glamour and, depending on your taste, some are subtle enough to wear every day should you wish. In our experience, Cocktail rings are often bought by women for themselves, a much-deserved touch of personal indulgence.

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