Luxe Ear Piercing

Here at Dinny Hall we hold Luxe Ear Piercing events throughout the year. It gives you the opportunity to gain new piercings or step up your ear gear, and us the opportunity to tell you more about ear curation and the latest pieces we’ve designed to fuel your ear-spiration.

For more information of our monthly piercing events:
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This month we also introduce Bruna Fabbri – our newest piercer. Read her interview below to find out more.


DH: How long have you been in the piercing business?

BF: 10 years.

DH: If you had to guess, how many piercings have you done?

BF: Thousands!

DH: What got you into it in the first place? 

BF: I’ve always loved piercing and got my first cartilage piercing done at the age of 10 (Bad, I know!) and my eyebrow at 13. It made sense I join the industry.

DH: What’s your favourite thing about your job?

BF: I love seeing how satisfied my clients are with my service. That goes for both the piercing itself and the experience as a whole.I am very good at calming them when they are nervous about the procedure.

blog 4.jpg

DH: Some people are nervous about being pierced, what do you tell people and what should they know?

BF: It does hurt a little but not as much as you are probably thinking and it’s done in 2 seconds. You are in good hands and you’ll be fine!

DH: Why do you use a needle over a gun? Tell us a bit more about the debate.

BF: A gun uses blunt force meaning it is a lot more aggressive than needles, and guns cannot be sterilised. Hollow needles just separates the skin making the whole process very smooth and sometimes pain-free.

blog 3.jpg

DH: What are your main tips for piercing aftercare?

  1. Soak in saline solution twice a day.
  2. Wash it once a day with an antibacterial hand wash.
  3. Do not touch your piercings!

DH: Whats your favourite piece of ear gear from Dinny Hall and how would you style it?

BF: The Shuga Double studs with lovely bluey Tanzanite are my favourite. They are so versatile they could go anywhere on the ear and look beautiful.

blog 2.jpg

DH: When it comes to earrings, are you a less is more, or more is more kind of person?

BF: I’m in the middle! For me it is all about playing around with jewellery styles and sizes in order to achieve harmony. I, myself love pretty jewellery!

Photo credit: Rebecca Maddock


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