Joni Kamen, Hollie Cook & Phoebe Gold

I think we all agree that one of the best things we can inherit from our parents is great friends. These girls are lucky enough to have been fated to be friends even before they were born. From jazz clubs to noodle bars – these three can usually be found hanging out in Notting Hill but you will hear their laughter before you see them anyway! Our very own muse Joni and her lifelong friends Hollie and Phoebe talk fashion, childhood and why they are so proud of each other.


Joni Kamen @jonikamen


DH: What makes you most proud of Hollie?

JK: Her hair. Man that mane is the one. Oh and and you know she’s this really amazing singer with such a unique sound. Never complains about crazy travelling schedules. Is always so happy when she’s working even when she has a 4am plane to catch. True story, she once booked an 8am boxing class for the morning she got in from tour… She got in at 5.45am. There have literally been marriage proposals at her gigs before. No Biggie. Hollie’s playing the Jazz Cafe on Valentine’s day, can’t bloody wait! It’ll be a right family affair.

DH: What makes the three of you laugh out loud?

JK: The idea of me joining Phoebe at spin class? Seriously, I’ve said yes countless times and bailed more. Our mums have been best friends for 35 years and are all Godmothers to at least one of us, so reminiscing about our parents’ pasts gets us big time. Our impressions of our parents (sorry!) are pretty uncanny. The fact that we are slowly morphing into the mothers is pretty terrifying. You should hear my mum and I when we get cackling.  Oh and the one time Phoebe bought a hat on Portobello and discovered how much she LOVES a hat. She didn’t choose the hat life, the hat life chose her. Yes it’s the one in the photos.

DH: What do you value the most in your friends?

JK: 1# Sense of humour. I have an amazing core group of girlfriends and they all make me laugh until I cry on a regular basis. We just get each other. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen each other for 3 days or 3 months, when we get together it’s like no time has passed.

JK: 2# Vulnerability. When you’re young I think it’s really hard to know who you can talk to when you’re scared or stuck on something or whatever. As my friends and I have grown up (a lot of them have been my close friends since childhood) we’ve all learnt to open up more to each other. Little thing, big thing, thing that you’re too embarrassed to even say out loud. I think that’s amazing.

JK: 3# A great wardrobe. Because trust me when I say I will be borrowing everything.


Hollie Cook @holliecookie


DH: Yours and Joni’s Mum met in the 80’s and have been best friends since. Do you see yourselves in them? What makes you similar/different?

HC: Everything about us makes us similar. Phoebe’s mum and my mum both met her together when they were working in Kensington market and Emma had pretty much just arrived in London from Australia.

I find it hard to see any differences in us vs them. And when we’re all together it’s total madness and cackling laughter.  They’re probably just a bit madder than we are. They are a completely accurate window into what mine Phoebe and Joni’s future look like.

DH: How much do your friends inspire your music?

HC: Lots of life experiences have inspired my songs so therefore some of those, include relationships with friends. Sometimes I try to interpret situations from other perspectives as well and my friends lives can draw a big inspiration for subject matter when writing songs.

DH: What would the ultimate day look like for the three of you? 

HC: We’re all based in west London. A coffee and breakfast at Golborne Deli and a walk down Portobello Road to peruse the market.


Phoebe Gold


DH: Tell us about the best night the three of you have had at one of your infamous club nights?

PG: Well, the last party my brother and I threw was coincidentally actually on Joni’s birthday in December! It was at the Sporting Clube de Londres, which is pretty much a West London institution. Hollie bought Joni a disco ball drink holder so Joni was swanning around the party with her drink in that which was pretty funny. It was a proper family affair, the mums were all there too. Something that stands out is when my brother started spinning Lean Back by Terror Squad and we basically simultaneously started pushing everyone out of the way to find each other in the middle of the dance floor.

DH: You’ve just moved in with Joni – tell us what its really like to live with her – any terrible/hilarious habits you’re only finding out about her?

PG: Joni and I are the only two of our housemates who don’t work 9-5 Monday-Friday because our work schedules are pretty irregular, so we pretty much end up spending almost 2 or 3 weekdays together, having breakfast and sitting in cafes and sorting out our various admin, and then we spend every Sunday evening at her mum’s place (my godmother) and she cooks us dinner! As far as habits go… Can’t say she has any bad ones, she’s probably the most OCD neat person I know, so nothing’s ever out of place! But I think we’re both on the same page with that so it ends up being a good thing.

DH: Would you trust Hollie/Joni to choose you jewellery? What’s your most treasured gift from them?

PG: Oh, absolutely! I’m constantly knicking Joni’s clothes and jewellery anyway, and Hollie has the best taste ever. My Mum bought me some of the Dinny Gold Wave hoop earrings for Christmas, and Joni actually helped her choose them. Gifts… Joni gave me this tiny gold leopard print purse that I still use every day, it’s sort of bordering on the line between being very cute and very tacky, but I love it! Hollie and I have an agreement where we don’t buy each other gifts for birthdays but instead taking each other for lunch or dinner. You’re most likely to catch us eating udon at Koya in Soho. And even though this technically isn’t a gift, Hollie and Joni both give me the best hand-me-downs, and I guess the perk of being the youngest is that I get all of their old clothes and cast offs from Hollie’s insane trainer collection!

Pheobe.jpg29a.jpgPhoto Credit: Rebecca Maddock

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