One. Fine. Stud.

We’ve only just begun 2018 and already ‘Strong Women’ is THE theme of the year. Not only is the world feeling that awesome female strength, we all tend to embrace those women who deal with life in their very own empowering way.

studs rgb.jpg

And for 33 years, Dinny has led her way. Punctuating her designs with brilliant jewels, while still maintaining considered elegance, all Dinny Hall collections showcase one crucial element. And this is?  (at least) One. Fine. Stud.

mix and match.jpg

It’s a fact. We are so much more demanding when curating our ears and Dinny is definitely listening. Delivering all the mismatched (as well as matching if that’s your thing) 14k single stud earrings a (strong) woman could possibly dream of.

Studs2 rgb.jpg

At the centre of all these studs is the Shuga collection.  Keep an eye on our Instagram to see how some of our favourites will be showing off their mixed and matched (damn fine) studs. So inspired? You might find yourself booking another piercing, watch this space!

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