Dinny’s Travels

Leaving London and travelling further afield is a crucial part of Dinny’s design process. She is constantly seeking cultural inspiration – overseas as well as in this city – and so, once she had unpacked her bags, we asked her a few questions about her travels…

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Q – What first inspired you to travel? 

I was lucky enough to travel a lot with my family as a young girl.  We often spent holidays in Malta, Italy, France but also further afield in Brazil. This awakened my desire to travel – however, I should just add that I’ve never been a backpacker!

Q – You’ve often cited architecture as inspiration, tell us about a place you have visited and how it has directly impacted your work?

I think it’s an East meets West moment for me.  After a visit to the Hia Sophia in Istanbul, this fascinating building (which then became a church) was built by Sufi Muslim architects and with its magical mathematical proportions left me feeling utterly enamoured. I have also been greatly inspired by Buddhist temples found in Sri lanka, Thailand and Burma.

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Q – Tell us about a collection or design inspired by somewhere you’ve been?

My Twist collection was designed after a visit to the The National Archaeology Museum in Lisbon where I obsessed over their Celtic Torques.

And of course the Bamboo pieces are a direct result of my frequent trips to Thailand, simply because nature is often as inspiring as architecture.

Q – Which pieces do you consider to be holiday essentials?

My Small Diamond mini hoops and large Gold Vermeil hoops – worn with my Diamond studs which never leave my ears.  However, I should just add that I am rarely seen without my ombré gemstone Shuga tennis bracelet.

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Q – Tell us the best thing about coming home from travelling?

Seeing loved ones (not forgetting Bo my dog), Norfolk walks and putting all those jewellery designs into reality.

Q -We’d love to know about the craftspeople you work with and how important those connections have been over the years?

It’s important to get to know the crafts people you work with because they have to interpret all your designs. I’ve been working with one particular workshop factory in Chiang Mai for over 25 years and even enjoy the occasional Karaoke nights with them! Trust and mutual respect are essential. All our jewellery is designed with love and it should be made with love too. This applies to both our workshop in the UK and abroad.

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