These are a few of our favourite things…

Here at Dinny Hall we are obsessed with precious gemstones. Every one of the stones in our jewellery is hand picked and examined by our master goldsmiths to ensure they are of the highest quality. Sapphires are our favourites, even if they are a corundum! All gem quality that is not red in colour is called a sapphire. Most commonly known in shades of blue, sapphire comes in the most spectacular range of colours, from pastel shades of lemon, peach or pink to white to cornflower blues, violets, and intense purples to vibrant greens, yellows and burgundy reds. Sapphires can be found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Burma, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Columbia and most notably Kashmir where the sapphires are prized for their rarity and velvety blue colour.



See our Gemstone Guide for further details or follow us on Instagram to the our stones up close.



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