Ear Party: Styling tips for Summer!

Its fair to say that we (the royal we that is) are obsessed with the ear, it’s having a moment. As a brand with three decades of heritage we run the risk of having “seen it all before” but there’s always a way of updating your look and we’re constantly inspired by the latest way to curate your ear. Whether you’ve got a simple single lobe piercing, or you’ve gone for gold with a Tregus, Rook and Helix (google for specifics) Dinny Hall have got earrings covered. Here’s some style inspiration for the Summer season and if you’re feeling inspired to brave another piercing, get in touch with rebecca@dinnyhall.co.uk for info on our next piercing event this August!

Check out some of our favourite combinations and get the look below!

looks and titles

Tell me about it stud:

Shuga Double Studs

Elyhara 18K Diamond Studs

Shuga Studs


Shuga Double Chain Treaders

Shuga Studs

The long & the short:

Shuga Double Chain Treaders

Shuga Diamond Double Chain Treaders


Hoop & stud:

Rose Gold Signature Large Hoops

Toro Stud Earrings

Pop of colour:

Shuga Studs

Elyhara 18K Blue Sapphire Studs

Elyhara 18K Blue Sapphire Drops

Bold gold:

Small Gold Signature Hoops

Bijou Almaz Cuff